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Los Angeles Semi-Truck Accident Miracle Rescue - Video

Date Added: August 07, 2009 04:41:44 PM
Author: admin
Category: California Truck Accident Attorneys: Los Angeles

On a rain-slicked freeway, tragedy shuts down 4 lanes. A semi-truck has toppled over on its side, crushing a car in the adjacent lane. The small car was pinned underneath, trapping the driver while emergency crews scramble to rescue him. It's a nightmarish accident - and it gets worse. The police dispatch asks to confirm "Do we have anyone trapped in the vehicle?" Witnesses tell police that the driver is still trapped in the car. The situation looks grim because rescuers can't even see what they're trying to uncover. The possibility of anyone surviving under tons of steel seems unthinkable. But even if the odds seem like a million to one, emergency crews have to try.

Rescuers work at a break-neck pace, forming a human conveyor belt, trying to remove as much weight as possible from the overturned truck. Next, they attach ropes to the sides ... lifting the truck requires heavy machinery. As the crane slowly heaves the trailer up, police and rescuers pepare for the worst. Finally, they lift away the truck, and they spot the driver of the small car pinned underneath ... still moving. Rescuers quickly use the jaws of life to pry open the mangled door.

Amazingly, the driver steps out and walks away from the wreckage! This is a miracle! Paramedics insist on checking his vital signs, and taking every precaution, he is transported to the hospital for observation, but the driver doesn't have a scratch! Even his doctor can't quite believe it. Dr. Marc Eckstein states, "He has done remarkably well for somebody that spent some time under a truck ..." Dr. Eckstein is a former New York City paramedic, with more than 20 years experience in EMS. The driver knows he's cheated death, stating, "If they hadn't taken me out, I would've died."

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